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Relationships & Revenue with John Hulen

Apr 20, 2021

In this episode, John talks with Christine Handy - Best-selling author, Motivational Speaker, breast cancer survivor, Self-Esteem expert, model, and mother. Her book, "Walk Beside Me," is a fictional depiction of her illness and the long road to recovery.

Listen to this episode to learn more:

[01:15] - Christine’s backstory

[03:26] - What made her write a book

[06:07] - Storytelling as a powerful way of healing

[07:26] - Showing other parts of the story

[14:00] - Why is she continuing her education at Harvard

[14:24] - About chemo brain

[17:30] - About creative non-fiction

[18:30] - Impact of Covid-19 on her life

[19:45] - How does she work on her relationships

[23:50] - Self-esteem for better relationships

[30:40] - How to get a free signed copy of her book


"When I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt like all the trauma that I was about to go through, there had to be purpose in it."

"Storytelling is powerful. It's very healing, and it's the ultimate way for people to understand each other."

"Vulnerability is not a weakness because it makes you relatable."

"Pride is insecurity. Ego is weakness. Vulnerability is power."

"Social media sets people up for failure because you are encouraged to share only the best parts of you."

"I have a big audience now because there was a space for people to become vulnerable in our society."

"Self-esteem is at the core of all relationships including with yourself."

"Success is hard, but if you have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth and self-love, you're not going to quit on yourself."

"When people compare and put themselves up against society or other people, then that's the ultimate self-esteem destroyer."

"I thought that I had no worth in this world and it turned out my worth was just different."



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